Welcome to our blog!

Hello! Welcome to our blog.

We are CommPassion, we help organisations improve their interpersonal communication skills, resolve conflict, build psychological safety & enhance wellbeing. We are based in the Southwest of England.

Our tools and programmes offer sustainable solutions that embed the vital communication skills to develop high performing and engaged employees, and create a future-proof culture that thrives on authenticity, compassion, inclusion & diversity.

Since 2005, we have made it our mission to find ways of bringing compassionate principles into the workplace, so that employees may experience connection of a different kind; one that cultivates a healthy working environment, stimulates high performance and unlocks true potential.

To work towards this goal, we will be regularly updating our blog with valuable and thought provoking articles to help you change the way your workplace speaks.

It won’t all be business related, we will cover topics like family, confidence building, self-connection, self-awareness and much more.

Stay tuned!

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