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Using compassionate communication to create cultures of psychological safety, high performance, and wellbeing.

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At CommPassion, we help your people communicate in a way that empowers more authentic connection with others and creates an environment where they feel valued, motivated and psychologically safe to be themselves. These are qualities that lead to inclusion, mental wellbeing, strong engagement and high performance.

Using an innovative communication model, we provide sustainable solutions that strengthen relationships, build resilience, create a culture that thrives on authenticity, inclusion and diversity. A recipe for embracing change and future proofing the organisation.

We deliver tailored coaching and training solutions that will improve communication skills, resolve conflict, build psychological safety and enhance wellbeing. We work with individuals, teams and board level to first line management.

"The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives."

Tony Robbins

What do you need?

We are dedicated to meeting your needs, after all, it is at the very core of what we do. 

Employee Engagement

✓ Reducing absenteeism and presenteeism whilst Increasing retention and engagement

✓ Ensuring people feel valued and happy to come to work

✓ Ensuring people derive meaning from their role and are able to reach their potential

People Management

✓ Making manager communication, inter-personal skills, processes consistent

✓ Creating harmonious teams with strong inter-personal skills

✓ Ensuring teams have robust goals aligned to the organisation

High Performing Teams

✓ Motivating, engaging and empowering team members to raise team morale and wellbeing

✓ Helping teams to feel psychologically safe and confident when having difficult conversations

✓ Communicating professionally and productively day to day

Managing Conflict

✓ Easing tensions within teams and between individuals

✓ Reducing and avoiding expensive, time-consuming formal procedures

✓ Training all employees in how to best handle conflict and have difficult conversations

Personal Growth

✓ Developing Emotional Intelligence to help with self and social awareness and management

✓ Building effective and advanced communication skills

✓ Learning how to be empathic, compassionate, authentic and assertive

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