Coaching and Training Programmes

The high-Performance Programme

Are you ready to take your team communication and performance to the next level?

This programme offers a unique opportunity for all-round continuous improvement. It is a guided and measured step-by-step process which works with teams to uncover and resolve issues that are hindering their performance and preventing a harmonious working environment. 

Imagine your team confidently communicating their ideas, listening actively, and collaborating seamlessly. You’ll open the doors to a more connected and productive team that thrives on effective communication and psychological safety.

By investing in your team’s communication skills, you’re investing in their success and the success of your organization. Let’s make it happen!

Team Communication Skills Building

Please contact us for more information about the programme.

Mindful Communication Training

This training provides a structured approach to enhancing interpersonal communication skills, with emphasis on professional conduct and empathy towards oneself and others. 

It is a method for developing self-awareness that enables individuals to be develop more understanding in their interactions. Additionally, they will develop confidence in handling challenging conversations and learn best practices for effectively managing conflicts. 

Through these learnings, attendees will cultivate trust and integrity in professional relationships. 

Mindful Communication, Non-violent Communication Model


Ultimately, this way of communicating encourages an environment where employees can express themselves and speak with their peers in a non-judgemental way that connects rather than disconnects, and builds understanding and trust. 

Please contact us for more information about the Mindful communication programme.

Communication Skills Training and Education

We provide training in a wide variety of communication skills in bite-sized modules and workshops that all have compassionate communication at their core. We favour a personalised experience when it comes to our training, and this means we offer both virtual and in-person options, and in a format that best suits your organisation, whether a one-off widescale webinar or a series of training sessions for individuals or teams.

We specialise in the following skills:

  •  Building your Emotional Intelligence, with Action Plan
  • Boost Performance with effective Business Communication Skills
  • Mindful Communication Skills for Conflict Management
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Communicating through Change
  • Active listening
  • Compassionate Listening
  • Strategy maps
  • Communicating across varying styles
  • Communicating across culture
  • Non-violent communication 
  • Mediation 
  • Psychological Safety
  • And many more!

Consultation helps us determine what ones are right for you.

Communication Skills Webinars and Speaking

Our training programmes provide a blend of theory, communication models and practical tools, and are focussed on ensuring delegates apply their learning to their daily work.

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We can provide speakers for your events, whether team building days, sales conferences, awards ceremonies or regular educational webinars (broadcast live and recorded for distribution afterwards).

We also provide regular thought-provoking, original communication short articles for distribution to employees via your communication channels.

Topics can be taken from our extensive off-the-shelf library, adapted for your organisation or created from scratch for your needs. Topics may be combined, tailored and created for individual organisations.

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