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“I have worked with CommPassion for over 7 years with a real focus on improving internal communications. Their level of knowledge and expertise in the field is great as is their passion around the subject.”

“They have the ability to engender passion and a real focus on results. Very quickly they were able to build relationships with an internal team and really drive an agenda and get the results.”

“They bring huge energy and enthusiasm to what they do, and it’s clear that they have a genuine passion for their work.”

“Internal communication is an inadequate label for the impact of the work done by Penny – it was truly releasing the locked up potential of the company.”

“I have worked with CommPassion a number of times seeking their help and guidance in team building and communicating strategy. They keep their approach fresh, meaning that their projects feel tailored and dynamic. I will use CommPassion again in the future and have no hesitation in recommending them.”

“Penny is a true professional with a dynamic and focused drive and vision. She energizes people and encourages them to develop their communication style. Penny is highly creative, literally buzzing with ideas and can think and act quickly as the situation demands. I would have no hesitation in recommending Penny to your organisation.”

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