Workplace Conflict Resolution

Mediation for teams and individuals

Workplace conflict, grievance and dissatisfaction grow when individuals find it difficult to appreciate others’ point of view. This can lead to disharmony in the workplace and high costs of disciplinary hearings, grievance procedures and tribunals. 

A study from ACAS shows that stress and anxiety due to conflict at work has a negative impact on productivity, with an annual cost estimated between £590 million and £2.3 billion (Acas, 2021).


Mediation Diagram Conflict Resolution

Mediation is a highly effective and cost efficient way to help resolve disagreements, arguments, silences, and general workplace conflict between two or more people. It does so in a way that helps them move forward, bridge differences and make positive changes to the way they speak and work with each other. 

It offers opportunity to discuss the situation openly in a safe and confidential environment, in the presence of an impartial mediator. One of the most effective workplace conflict resolution methods. 


The focus is on gaining a deeper understanding beyond blame and judgement of how each person has been affected and on reaching a positive, mutually beneficial and sustainable resolution. Research widely shows a success rate of 85-90%. 

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CommPassionate Approach to Conflict for Organisations

A process for handling conflict, within teams and between individuals, that aims to deal with grievances early on, preventing lengthy and expensive formal procedures and resulting in constructive, sustainable resolutions and rebuilding of relationships.

Benefits of implementing the Compassionate Approach…

  • A whole organisation approach
  • Reduces tensions and conflicts in the working environment
  • Provides sustainable resolutions
  • Encourages cultural change
  • An opportunity for peer-to-peer support and learning
  • Reduces cost and time

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“I have learnt to be not so judgmental and to think instead of assuming… [It] will help me in the future to react differently and to listen better so I will be more aware of my communications.”
Mediation Participant

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